The Ruby Fires Mystic Fire MF1720C water vapour fire with stone-effect insert, gives a very realistic fire image. The MF 1720C can be used purely for decorative purposes and does not have a heating function. This fire is very suitable for building in.

A Mystic Fire water vapour fire works on normal tapwater. The water is evaporated to delicate vapour and projected on by lights. The playful effect of the water vapour gives the illusion of true flames. A Mystic Fire works 8 –10 hours on a full tank (1 litre).

  • Including remote control with on/off button and adjustable flames
  • Realistic logset with glow-effect as soon as the fire is switched on
  • Including insert with stone-effect Dimensions: 700 x 666 x 265 mm (HxWxD)
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Video Mystic FIre MF1720C
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