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Atri wall

Atri wall

The Ruby Fires Atri is a modern contemporary wall-surround. The straight lines in aluminium make the Atri a true design fire. Due to its compact dimensions, the Atri can very well be placed in smaller spaces. Surround Atri is also available as free-standing surround. The Atri is including a fitted ceramic burner.

Dimensions: 600 x 950 x 166 mm (HxWxD)


  • ● Burner contents: ± 2,5 liter
  • ● Burning time:  ± 3,5 hours
  • ● Consumption per hour: ± 0,55 liter
  • ● Heat output: approx. 3,5KW
  • ● According to standards: DIN 4734-1 and EN 16647:2015

Warning! The Atri cannot be used in combination with ceramic logs, pebbles or basalt split.

All Ruby Fires ceramic burners have a lifetime warranty!

Made in EU

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