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Ceramic burners
What is a ceramic burner?

The Ruby Fires ceramic burner is a revolutionary product which is able to create a vent less fire using a ceramic burner! The big difference between our ceramic burner and other burners on the market is that the Ruby Fires ceramic burner contains a ceramic core that slowly absorbs the liquid fuel. This causes the burner to not burn the pure liquid, but the harmless gas it releases, thus making the fire burn more gradually. The result is a safer and cleaner burner, which is easy to ignite and gives a beautiful consistent fire. Ruby Fires has the exclusive, worldwide patent on this system. Please contact your local dealer for availability in your country.

How long will a ceramic burner burn?

A fully stocked ceramic burner will burn between 3-4 hours. In a large burner is will go more combustible, the burning time is approximately similar.

What are the advantages of a ceramic burner?

Our ceramic burner uses a liquid fuel that is much more environmentally friendly than wood or gas. There is no need for a flue to dispose of hazardous fumes, which makes this system ideal for apartments, homes, restaurants, hotels and offices; basically any location that needs the cosiness of a fire without the smoke and ash. We also supply burners which are especially designed for your garden! Our burners are very easy to place and move around as they do not require a fixed connection point. Our ceramic burner can be customized to your needs or it can be combined with one of the many surrounds from the Ruby Fires collection. For inspiration, please check our special page on our made-to-measure projects.

Our Ruby Fires ceramic burner is very safe in use as the ceramic core completely absorbs the liquid fuel and also closes off the burner. Therefore, it is impossible for the fuel to run or leak out of the burner, even when it is held upside down! Don’t believe us? Please check out this demonstration video to see for yourself.


How exactly does a ceramic burner work?
  • Due to the fact that the burner is completely filled up by the ceramic core, it is not possible for the liquid fuel to leak – even if the burner is tilted.
  • Because of the built in safety device, it is simply not possible to fill the ceramic burner while it is lit. The burner can only be filled when it is closed off and therefore extinguished.
  • Because the burner is completely filled by the ceramic core, it is possible to use a fuel which contains more than 96% alcohol. This is the purest fuel available, which makes the combustion completely pure (without hazardous smells and remains) and produces a nice yellow flame.
  • It is not the pure liquid fuel that burns, but the evaporation of the fuel from the ceramic core when it is exposed to the air. The gradual combustion makes the ceramic burner completely safe and economic in use. There is no need for a flue as there are no hazardous fumes.
  • The burner is surrounded by an additional outer reservoir for extra safety. This is filled with ceramic wool, which absorbs excess fuel in case the burner is over-filled.
  • This unique burning principle has been developed by Ruby Fires, worldwide patented and carries the DIN 4731-1 quality mark.
What is the maximum duration of a ceramic fire?

The maximum duration of the fire of a ceramic burner is around 3 – 4 hours when the burner is completely filled, depending on the type of burner. Specific fire times can be found in the description of each article in the collection.

Liquid fuel CL100
What is bio-ethanol fuel?

Ruby Fires fuel is made from the fermentation of sugars in sugar cane, wheat, sugar beet, or corn. In order to stimulate this process, yeasts are added as production-organisms. Worldwide regulations dictate that liquid fuel in its purest form (100% alcohol) cannot be sold. Therefore, Ruby Fires developed a fuel that contains more than 98% alcohol: CL100. The remaining ingredients consists of materials that create a beautiful yellow flame during combustion. CL100 is the purest fuel available and is produced in the Netherlands.

The CL100 fuel is not suitable to use in all burners with an open reservoir. The fuel is developed for the ceramic burner in particular but can be used in our latest open burner models. The ceramic core absorbs the liquid fuel, which evaporates when exposed to the air. This means that it is not the pure liquid fuel that burns, but the vapour that comes from the ceramic core.

Does the bio-ethanol fuel produce a smell?

A combustion generally only produces a smell when the fuel is not filtered sufficiently and when it is produced from (too many) different raw materials. Also, the alcohol percentage is very important as the lower the alcohol percentage the more you will be able to smell it. Fuels with a low alcohol percentage contain a higher percentage of chemical supplements, which cause the combustion to be less pure. This is not the case for the Ruby Fires liquid fuel: CL100. The combination of the CL100 fuel and the evaporation from the ceramic core of the burner enable a combustion which is as pure as possible and reduces the odour. The combustion is comparable with that of a candle.

Can I also use another type of fuel instead of bio-ethanol?

No, we strongly advise against the use of any other fuels. The reason herefore is that the ceramic core will absorb this other fuel and will cause an impure combustion. This may cause an unpleasant odour and unnecessary smoke and soot production. Moreover, it may cause the ceramic core to get clogged by the chemical supplements in these (less pure) fuels, which in turn will prevent a normal combustion. As a result, in the long run the core might not be able to absorb fuel anymore. Using different fuels also cancels the warranty on the burner. We therefore advise you to use CL100 fuel, which has been specially developed for the ceramic burners. 

Why does Ruby Fires only sell bio-ethanol per 1 litre bottle?

When filling the ceramic burner with larger containers you run the risk of overfilling the burner. To guarantee your safety we only offer 1 litre bottles as this makes it easier to control the amount of liquid you pour into the burner.  

The fuel is leaking out of my ceramic burner

Dry the burner with a piece of cloth and leave it for a while to make sure that most of the fuel is either absorbed by the ceramic core or has evaporated. Check if there is no fuel in the outer reservoir by holding the burner upside down. Make sure to only do this outdoors and only do this when you are certain that the burner is extinguished, cooled down and has not been filled less than an hour ago. If you see fuel pour out of the burner, then it has been overfilled. Be careful that you do not overfill the burner again, please check our manual for instructions on how to fill the burner correctly. Check again after refilling whether the fuel still leaks out, if this is not the case the burner is safe to use again. It is possible that the burner was filled to quickly thus not giving the ceramic core enough time to absorb the fuel, please give the ceramic core some time to absorb the fuel before use. 

Electric inserts
How does an electric fireplace works?

The Mystic Fires fireplaces are 3D fireplaces without glass panes as the flame image is realized by a projection of light on ultra-fine water vapour. The other electric fireplaces by Ruby Fires are 2D fireplaces, fitted with a glass pane, where the flame image is realized by a projection of light. 

Once you have plugged in the fireplace it is ready for use. The electric fireplaces by Ruby Fires have are multifunctional. For example, you can regulate the heat and the flames as most fireplaces come with a remote control. Whether the fireplace of your choice is equipped with the relevant functions, please check out the description of the specific model in our collection electric fireplaces for more details.  

Does an electric fireplace come with a remote control?

Most electrical fires in the Ruby Fires collection come with a remote control. Whether the fireplace of your choice is equipped with a remote control, please check out the description of the specific model in our collection electric fireplaces for more details.  

Which outlet/socket do I need for an electric fireplace?

You only need a grounded power outlet for a connection with an electric fireplace. Preferably this socket/outlet is situated directly behind the fireplace, so that the wires are not visible. The electric fireplaces by Ruby Fires are supplied with am electricity cord of about a meter. Please do not cut this cord! If you want to increase the length of the cord, please use a grounded socket.

What much power does an electric fireplace consume?

The power consumption of an electric fireplace depends entirely on which features you use. If you only the flames, the power consumption is approximately € 0.05 per hour. However, when using the heating of 1000 watts this will be approximately € 0.25 per hour, while at 2000 watts heating this will be approximately € 0.50 per hour. The exact power consumption of the fireplace of your choice can be found under the heading: the electric fireplaces.

What is the heat output of an electric fireplace?

The electric fireplaces by Ruby Fires are primarily intended as atmosphere creators, but can also be used as extra heater. We do not recommend the use of these the fireplaces as main source of heating. Depending on the chosen electric fireplace, they can be heated up to approximately 2000 watts. The exact heat output of your fireplace of choice  can be found under the heading electric fireplaces.

Mystic Fires
How does a Mystic Fires fireplace works?

The flame image of the Mystic Fires fireplaces are realized using a 3D light projection on ultra-fine water vapour. Before you plug in your fireplace you must first fill the water reservoir otherwise the evaporation process cannot be started. Click here for the demonstration video of a Mystic Fires fireplace! The Mystic Fires fireplaces have several features, such as a remote control, adjustable flames and heating. The exact functions of your fireplace can be found under the heading of the collection of our Mystic Fires.

Can I use any water for a Mystic Fires fireplace?

You can use plain tap water for your Mystic Fires fireplace. However, if the tap water in your area has a high PH-value (read: calcium rich), you need to clean the reservoir of the Mystic Fire fireplace regularly by using the supplied brush and some cleaning (white) vinegar. For the conduction of the ultrasonic evaporation a small quantity calcium in the water necessary.

Can I use a Mystic Fire fireplace for an installation project?

Yes, our Mystic Fires fireplaces are perfect for built-in installation projects. If you would like to receive the installation instructions, please click here.




How do I clean my Mystic Fire fireplace?

We advise you to clean the water tank and evaporation unit regularly by using the supplied brush and cleaning vinegar. 

There is no water vapour coming from my Mystic Fire fireplace

First, make sure that the water reservoir is filled sufficiently. If this is the case, you probably have calcium deposits in the evaporation unit. Otherwise you can check whether the evaporation unit is properly inserted and if the cables are connected correctly.

An evaporator usually has a lifespan of 12 months with regular use. When a vaporizer is not properly maintained this significantly shortens the lifespan. The evaporator can easily be replaced and can be ordered separately from your dealer (+/- € 30.00 incl. VAT).

FAQ Surrounds
What is Fossil Stone?

Fossil Stone is a unique stone type corresponding to rough or polished marble which we have attached to a wooden surface. This creates the feel and look of real marble, yet it is relatively light weight making it possible to move the Fossil Stone fireplace around easily. Fossil Stone is a natural product, thus there may be small colour-and/or structural abnormalities in the material. As a result, every fireplace has its own unique character. Ruby Fires offers a range from polished (smooth and shiny) to unpolished versions (rough structure and some difference in appearance) of the stone.

What is Castle Stone?

Castle Stone is a mixture of grinded stone with synthetic resin. This creates a structure of sandstone with characteristic unevenness/bumps. Through the use of the artificial resin, the weight remains relatively low.

How is a Ruby Fires fireplace delivered?

Our Ruby Fires fireplaces are delivered as one piece. While the matching fireplace insert will be delivered in a separate package. 

How do I install a Ruby Fires fireplace?

Our Ruby Fires fireplaces are delivered as one piece. While the matching fireplace insert will be delivered in a separate package, which can be easily assembled. You can hang the wall fireplaces by using the manual section “on the wall”. For all fireplaces (wall-models or freestanding models) no further assembly is required.

Can you combine every fireplace with every fireplace insert?

The Ruby Fires collection offers many combination possibilities, which allow you fully customize your own fireplace. Please check out the possible combinations per fireplace on our collection page. Clicking on the fireplace of choice will give you an overview of the possible inserts.  

DIY Collection
What is the DIY collection?

The DIY collection is a new collection of Ruby Fires which is mainly offered in DIY stores. This collection is aimed at customers who would like to buy a fireplace without a chimney, but have a different budget in mind. The main idea of this collection is that the fireplaces are not pre-built, but that the fireplaces are flat-packed; a kit is delivered that you can put together yourself.

The flames of my burner are much higher after a half hour

This can be caused by the using both the glass plates and the decoration set (wood/Pebble stones) at the same time on the burner. The vertical air flow is disturbed because there is too much material around the flame and there is no adequate supply of oxygen. This will cause the flames to be too high. It is hereby important to extinguish the flame and, as described in the user manual, to use either the glass plate(s) or to use a decoration set on the burner. Be aware: the decoration set should not come into contact with the flames.

Fluid is leaking out of my burner

Dry the burner with a cloth and wait until the liquid is absorbed by the ceramic stone/core or has evaporated.

When you have an open burner, make sure to absorb the excess liquid with a cloth. When you are sure no extra fluid is leaking from your burner you can ignite the burner again. A possible cause for this leaking could be that you filled the burner too quickly and as a result the ceramic stone/core has not been able to absorb all the liquid yet.

How should the connectors and the glass be mounted on the burner?
  • Ceramic burner: when using the glass plates you can install the 2 connectors in the appropriate holes. Insert the glass slides, while making sure that you do not attack them too tightly (there needs to be a small margin between the connector and the glass shield as glass expands when it heats up).
  • Open burner: attach the 2 connectors on the corners of the burner with the supplied bolts. The bolts are secured from the bottom. Then place the glass slide and tighten the hex nut hand-tight.
  • Ceramic burner: when using the glass plates you can install the 2 connectors in the appropriate holes. Insert the glass slides, while making sure that you do not attack them too tightly (there needs to be a small margin between the connector and the glass shield as glass expands when it heats up).
The black varnish on the back of my insert is coming off

If the black varnish on the back of the insert is coming off, it is most likely caused by the flames touching the back of the insert. Please extinguish your fire immediately if this is the case and consult the manual. There can be three causes for the varnish to come off:

  1. You are not making use of the glass shields or decoration material (e.g. ceramic logs or pebbles)
  2. The flames are influenced by the draft/wind
  3. You are not using the CL100 fuel. Any other fuel may cause the flames to become higher than normal.
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