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FAQ Surrounds

FAQ Surrounds
What is Fossil Stone?

Fossil Stone is a unique stone type corresponding to rough or polished marble which we have attached to a wooden surface. This creates the feel and look of real marble, yet it is relatively light weight making it possible to move the Fossil Stone fireplace around easily. Fossil Stone is a natural product, thus there may be small colour-and/or structural abnormalities in the material. As a result, every fireplace has its own unique character. Ruby Fires offers a range from polished (smooth and shiny) to unpolished versions (rough structure and some difference in appearance) of the stone.

How is a Ruby Fires fireplace delivered?

Our Ruby Fires fireplaces are delivered as one piece. While the matching fireplace insert will be delivered in a separate package. 

Can you combine every fireplace with every fireplace insert?

The Ruby Fires collection offers many combination possibilities, which allow you fully customize your own fireplace. Please check out the possible combinations per fireplace on our collection page. Clicking on the fireplace of choice will give you an overview of the possible inserts.  

Can the fireplaces be used outdoors?

Ruby Fires has designed some atmosphere fireplaces that can be used both indoors and outdoors, namely the Silo, Milano and the Salerno. These models are supplied with a protective case with which you can cover your fireplace as soon as it is cooled down. We recommend you to place the fireplace indoors when it is not used for a long period of time.

How do I clean a Castle Stone fireplace?

The best way to clean a fireplace made of Castle Stone is while using a soft and dry cloth. When the fireplace is somewhat dirty a slightly damp cloth can also be used.


STAINLESS STEEL is not a 100% free of rust. The emergence of rust or corrosion is caused by contact with polluted air, aggressive substances or cleaning agents. You can treat STAINLESS STEEL by means of specially developed products for protection on a long-term basis.

What is Castle Stone?

Castle Stone is a mixture of grinded stone with synthetic resin. This creates a structure of sandstone with characteristic unevenness/bumps. Through the use of the artificial resin, the weight remains relatively low.

How do I install a Ruby Fires fireplace?

Our Ruby Fires fireplaces are delivered as one piece. While the matching fireplace insert will be delivered in a separate package, which can be easily assembled. You can hang the wall fireplaces by using the manual section “on the wall”. For all fireplaces (wall-models or freestanding models) no further assembly is required.

How can I find out in which color or execution a fireplace is available?

On the website under the page Collection you will find all fireplaces in our collection. When you click on the fireplace of choice, you will find the designs options.

How do I clean a Fossil Stone fireplace?

We offer both polished and unpolished Fossil Stone fireplaces. A polished fireplace is smooth and slightly shiny, and is best cleaned with a dry soft cloth or, when needed, with a slightly damp cloth. An unpolished version of the fireplace has a rough structure with an unique appearance, which has the tendency to rapidly absorb liquids. So make to remove any liquid spills on your fireplace immediately. This can easily be removed using a soft and dry cloth. 

How do I clean my STAINLESS STEEL fireplace?

We advise you to remove the dust with a soft and dry cloth. You can also treat the STAINLESS STEEL against corrosion by using our special products for a long-term protection.

What is MDF?

MDF is a mixture of finely ground wood fibres with synthetic resin glue, which is then compressed. Ruby Fires provides MDF-fireplaces with a quality coat of paint for a nice, smooth look.

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