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The safest fire
The safest fire

The progressive, patented burners by Ruby Fires, bring the safest fire. The burners meet the latest standards and carry the DIN 4734-1 quality mark. The burners have been tested in accordance to criteria set by the joint European testing institutes. These criteria concern the usage of fuel, the exhaust of a minimum amount of CO2 and the functionality of the burner.

Safety comes first with Ruby Fires and all burners contain a ceramic core. This core absorbs the liquid fuel completely, which makes it impossible for the fuel to leak or spill from the burners, in contrary to burners with an open reservoir. The filling opening is separate from the opening of the fire and due to the built in safety system it is impossible to fill the burners while they are lighted.

  • Certified according to DIN 4734-1.
  • Fire created by gas that is formed when liquid fuel is exposed to the air. Due to the gradual release of the gas, there is a constant combustion, making this the burner very economic in use and the safest on the market.
  • Complete burner is made of high quality stainless steel
  • Integrated safety: filling is only possible when burner-opening is closed
  • Latch is operated with use of handles. 
  • Ceramic stone absorbs the liquid fuel
  • Ceramic wool in outer case absorbs excess liquid in case of overfilling


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